Weight Vest Review Roundup

There are a lot of weight vest reviews out there, and in our review we are going to summarize the main advantages and disadvantages from users on the just the most popular weight vests. If you’ve already read our article on the benefits of using a weight training vest in your workout routine, then you know why we recommend them as a great fitness tool to help you meet your goals. We will also choose what we think is the best weighted vest overall. So let’s dive right in.

There are a number of different manufacturers of weighted vests, but they are not all created equal. Many of the cheaper ones will not have the durability or comfort of their mores expensive counterparts. You can get cheaper vests that will function just fine, but they are usually limited in the amount of weight you can use in them and will tend to wear out much more quickly. Our focus here will be on three brands that offer a wide selection of sizes and weights from you to choose from: V-Force, MIR, and ZFO.

MIR Vest

mir weighted vestMIR offers a number of different weighted vests in weights as low as 20lbs and as high as 140lbs.  Their best selling size is the 50lb model and is adjustable in 3lb increments.

Pros: Well fitting, double padding in body and shoulder area for comfort, uses heavy-duty 1200D enforced nylon for long term durability, easy to add and remove weights

Cons: Expensive, not machine washable.

Verdict: This is a great, affordable weight training vest with an excellent overall rating from users.


ZFO Vest

zfo vestZFO’s most popular weighted vest is their 40lb model. It is the best selling model on Amazon mainly due to it’s price.

Pros: Affordable, neck hole size is variable, double abdomen straps provide snug fit

Cons: Complex strap system with no instructions included, some upper body movements difficult to perform due to length

Verdict: Although not as well built as comparable vests, it still gets great reviews from users and for the price it’s really a great value.


V-Force Vest

v-force vest

V-Force makes the most expensive vest in the lineup, but in many regards it is the best weighted vest you can buy. It comes in a variety of models depending on how you are planning on using it.

The 40lb option is their most popular and is adjustable in 2.5lb increments, they offer 30, 45, 50 and 60lb versions as well. Their standard warrior short version is very compact which keeps the weight off your stomach and is the best, most form fitting vest you can get. The shoulder straps are 4 ¼ inches wide which helps distribute the load across your shoulders, preventing the vest from ‘digging in’, it is also heavily padded.

Pros: Lifetime warranty, mildew resistant, heavy 1000D Cordura nylon to resist rips and tears, optional sweat liner which can be removed and washed. (Many weight training vests will get smelly fast due to all the excess sweat generated from the weight on your body), weights are enamel coated to prevent rust, many color options to choose from (including camo!).

Cons: Expensive, must pay extra for sweat stopper liner

Verdict: The old adage is true here, you get what you pay for. This is simply the best weighted vest you can buy, and although it is expensive it is built to last you for many many years of use, best of all it is backed by a lifetime warranty. This is great for cross fit or any other type of activity where you require a lot of freedom to move. They also make a ‘basketball’ version which is even narrower at 2 ¼ inch shoulder width, which provides even greater range of motion for your arms and shoulder, but maxes out at 30 lbs.

To wrap up our weight vest review, if we had to pick our favorite it would be the V-Force Max Basketball vest due to its excellent durability, compact fit, versatility for different physical activities and excellent range of motion:

However, if you are a larger man or woman though you might want to opt for a heavier 40 or 50lb version, and in that case you really can’t go wrong with any of the above.

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